Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Vinnies Class of 1991

I still can't get over the fact that it's been 15 years since we graduated from Vinnies. My memories of the actual day are a bit hazy... must have been all the alcohol that we had been gulping down since the early morning. All I can remember is the early morning celebration in the park, the traditional trashing of classrooms and trying so hard to walk a straight line in the hall. We were later told that if someone had lit a match, the stage would have gone up in flames. =)

*sigh* Those were the good old days. I'm so glad that Anna and Katie-Mae are organizing a class reunion. I'm sorry I'll be missing it but at least I'm getting to touch base with a lot of friends I had lost contact with so many years ago. There are still some people that are missing from the mailing list. If you know Alex Fraser, Alison Fitzgerald, Anna Gleeson, Anne Pavlakis, Annie Vartanian, Bianca Eddings, Cara McDonald, Cassandra Schmiede, Charlotte Jones, Gabby Dalli, Indriana Ruslim, Jane Moore, Jenny Valentic, Karen Chan, Kate Mather, Kathryn Hayes, Kerstin Osterberg, Lind Yi , Linda Fung, Lisa Ryan, Mandy Hazel, Maryanne Lillis, Mary-Kate Hawkins, Mel Rumble, Melissa Justic, Melissa Wong, Michelle Dias, Michelle Lim, Michelle Murray, Michelle Silva, Nan Chang, Natalie Firmstone, Natalie Whale, Paula Nolan, Pui-Yu Lee, Rachel Kelly, Rachel Rees, Sara Fantin, Sarah Lalor, Sarah McInerney, Sophie Carr, Susan McAuliffe, Tracy Ginman or Verity Noad, please ask them to get in touch with Katie-Mae Mallon (Crosby) and Anna Jeffery (O’Malley Jones).

The get-together will be held at Bunker Lounge Room @ THE BOURBON 24 DARLINGHURST RD, KINGS CROSS on August 5. There will be a family lunch at Luna Park the following day. It's a great excuse to get together and see old friends. Have fun, ladies! =)

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