Thursday, November 08, 2007

Christmas Bells Are Ringing

It's almost mid-November and I still can't feel the so-called Christmas spirit. I go to the malls, hear the sleigh bells ring and see the silver and gold-trimmed fake fir trees but am too busy shopping for bday toys and clothes to take it all in. Just as an aside, there must be a lot of action happening in February as our weekends are now fully booked with baptisms and bdays......

….and despididas. More and more of our friends are being expat-ed to the region. While this widens our mooching options for future travel, it also means the (hopefully temporary) loss of people who played a very important role in our lives. Christmas has come to signify reunion and reacquaintance, and eventually, goodbye, see you when I see you. Between hellos and goodbyes, our social calendar is bustin', as is my waistline. WAHHHH!

I'm now in a frantic race to meet BCA deadlines AND meet social obligations. Maybe, just maybe, next month I will be able to experience the feeling of peace, love and goodwill towards all.

Christmas Bells Are Swinging
Christmas Bells Are Ringing
Christmas Bells Are Ringing
In My Dreams - Next Year

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