Monday, October 23, 2006

Potty Bonding

Some parents bond with their toddlers through the continuation of infant massage, bedtime stories or physical activity. As for me, I bond with my son while he's on his throne.

The past few weeks, Andre has upped his schedule from early morning to the late evening. Since Miles is usually dead to the world at this time, it is up to me to keep him company as he moves his bowels.

If you told me 5 years ago that I would be sitting in a cramped corner of my bathroom waiting for a 3 year old to say "Tapos na" and loving every minute of it, I'd laugh you out of the room. But really, I do love it.

This is quiet time for us and I've learned so much about how my son ticks. Just last night, we discussed dermatology (i.e. why there are white patches on his face and red spots on mine).... how the Vizier became a genie in Alladin.... why he can't dress up in his Flash costume just yet....why VCO is good for him ... and the basic difference between girls and boys (gosh, that subject made me sweat for a while). We also tried singing the first stanza of Lupang Hinirang (still needs a lot of work) and the Alimango Folk Song (more successful although he almost fell off the throne when we got to the nangangagat part).All this within 10 minutes. Talk about power bonding. =) And the best part of this whole experience? He's actually sitting still in one place.

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