Friday, November 03, 2006

Dubai here I come

I'm planeing off to Dubai this afternoon and am pretty stoked about it as this is near the top of my "must visit city" list.

I haven't even left the Philippines and already I'm impressed at its government's efficiency. It took just 3 working days to get my e-visa. The process was hassle-free. I sent a scanned copy of my passport to my hotel along with the one-page application and they processed it for me. Voila, when I opened my Inbox yesterday, it was there, just waiting to be printed. =)

Talking about efficiency, it took ages to process my cash advance and increase in credit card limit.... *grrrrr*

So here I am, getting ready for my 15 hour flight.... my friend who's based there said that Dubai is THE place to buy gold and diamonds.... the only thing I lack is the moola... =)

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