Thursday, October 26, 2006

Edwin and Kai

The long anticipated day has arrived - Kuya Edwin and Kai were married today. In keeping with their characters, there was no drama, no histrionics. It was a simple ceremony wherein they, in the presence of family and specially chosen witnesses, vowed to be together for the rest of their days. The rings which they first exchanged when they became engaged gained added meaning as they now symbolize neverending commitment and love. Those of us who were present became teary-eyed, knowing the trials that this couple had to go through just to get to this point.

In the midst of the meaningful ceremony, there were moments of levity during the lecture, much of which was directed towards Kuya Edwin. It was interesting to see him in the hot seat for a change.

The celebration continued at Market CafĂ© where more friends and relatives gathered to eat, drink and be merry. Good food…. great company… who could ask for anything more? Andre made new friends.. so much so that towards the end, he was already addressing Chris and Kayla as his "brother and sister." It was a good blending of 2 families united in wishing the couple well.

To cap off a great start, the couple set off for Tagaytay for much needed privacy and R&R. We don't expect to hear from them until Saturday.

Welcome to the Horca family, Kai! Miles and I are just a call and a text away if you need anything… =) See you on Saturday....

For stationary pics, please visit Between the two of us, Miles and I took close to 300 pics. The culling process is still a work in progress so drop by every once in a while and refresh. =)

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