Thursday, October 18, 2007

How Mommy?

I thought I had been able to get a reprieve from the “baby brother” demand from our little 4-year old giant. Boy was I wrong.

Last night’s bedtime exchange began well enough:

Andre: You know what Mommy? I dream a lot. I dream when I’m sleeping. I dream when I’m awake. I dream in school. I dream while I’m working.
Me: Really? You dream when you’re working? What do you dream about?
Andre: Lots of things. I dream of Shanghai.. Bohol… playing with my friends… with my baby brother…Mommy, how do you make a baby brother?
Me: Hah?
Andre: (in a slightly louder tone) How do you make a baby brother?

(long pause)

Me: Hmmm.. Well, when Mommy and Daddy love each other, then you get a baby.
Andre: How?
Me: You just do.
Andre: But how???
Me: I’ll tell you when you get older.
Andre: Older? How old?
Me: When you’re 8 or 9.
Andre: Tagal naman.

(another pause)

Andre: You know what, Mommy? You can give me baby brother for my birthday.
Andre: Your birthday present. Daddy’s birthday present. Baby brother. My birthday’s on June 25.
Me: No.
Andre: Why not?
Me: We’re not ready yet.
Andre: Why?
Me: Go to sleep. It’s late and you have school tomorrow.
Andre: I want a baby brother.
Me: Why?
Andre: Because my friends and classmates have brothers. Michael has a brother. Sarthak has a brother. Nicholas and Diego are twins.


Ahhh…. Peer pressure begins in pre-school.

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