Sunday, January 13, 2008

Facebook: Truly connecting people

One disadvantage in growing up in different places is that I lost touch with so many friends as I moved from one place to another. People migrate, get married and...generally go on with their lives. The internet has helped fix the loose connection. In an attempt to link up with friends from the past, I've subscribed to Friendster, Multiply and most recently, Facebook. Of these three, Facebook has been the most successful as its network is truly global (read: not America-centric). Miles and I have started a race on who's able to connect to the most number of friends. I'm still lagging by around 30 -- humph. It's hard enough remembering names -- I went to exclusive girls schools so most have married and changed their names.

I've been able to connect to my best friends in Canada --- both of whom are now infanticipating. My Aussie friends from Vinnie's are also online -- one is based in New Orleans and 2 others in London. Sydney Uni is turning out to be quite a challenge. Most of my friends were of Asian descent who are most likely no longer based there. Finding a girl named Mai Thai is like searching the proverbial haystack. Oh.. and while I have been able to find my girlfriends, the ex-boyfriends are still nowhere to be found. Hmmmm.....

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