Thursday, July 30, 2009

Daddy... when are we coming back to the Philippines?

It was the moment that we had been working towards... the mAdd Imageoment when our little boy realized that this was IT. The long goodbye.

When we first told Andre last year that we'd be moving to Singapore, it opened a small floodgate of tears. Since then, we tried to make it as easy as possible and ensure that he was involved in the decision making process. We took him with us to Singapore during our school hunting and condo hunting trips. During those brief trips we explored Singapore together, from the hawker stands to the zoos to the Singapore Flyer. We went furniture shopping together -- he even got to pick out his own igloo chair.

So this question, whispered to both Miles and myself while we were waiting for the van, took us a bit off-guard.

Miles: What?

Andre: Di ba we're just going there for vacation? Will we come back after a week?

Miles and I exchanged a long look of "oh boy... how do we explain this?... you go... no... you go"

Miles: Well, we'll be staying for a long time.

Andre: How long?

Miles: Di ba, you'll be going to big school there? You'll also be spending your birthday there. Tito will be there... and your lolos and lolas.

Andre: How many birthdays?

Now how on earth do you explain the uncertainty of expat assignments? Thanks goodness the van arrived and we had to leave for the airport.

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