Monday, August 09, 2010

1st Youth Olympic Games: A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

This is the first ever Youth Olympics to be staged and Singapore is pulling all the stops to ensure that it runs smoothly.  In the words of PM Lee Hsien Loong, "I hope all Singaporeans will work together to put up a good show, and make the games memorable for all our visitors." If the just concluded NDP spectacular is a good indicator,  then we can expect to see plenty of fireworks, both literally and figuratively.  

This will be the little giant's first time to watch competitive sports "live" and we're making the most of this opportunity to teach him sportsmanship, respect, & team spirit on a global stage.  

As with a lot of things,  I ran the risk of going a teeny weeny bit overboard.

"Why do you want to get tickets to the Equestrian event?  We don't have a horse."

Thus was my bubble burst.  I have to admit that Miles was right - I was a tad too enthusiastic in booking our tickets.  There I was at the Sistic counter in Wisma Atria,  ticking off events that we wanted to watch.  Much to my pleasant surprise,  there were still seats left in quite a few events.  At S$10-$30,  these tickets are a great bargain!  I got so carried away, I  almost booked tickets to events scheduled to take place simultaneously in different venues.  Ok so I'm no longer donning my best hat and heading off to Turf Club but I think cheering for the next Maid Marian / Robin Hood should be just as fun.  We'll also be showing our support for the athletes participating in Football, Fencing and Tennis.   Go Jason Patrombon!

For those who will be in Singapore between Aug 14-26, here's another bonus: There are still plenty of tickets left to the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.  Book them online by clicking on this link.  

On a slightly different note,  I'm so so impressed with the YOG-DBS-Visa tie-up.  Each Singapore 2010 Competition ticket comes with a DBS Visa Prepaid Companion Card which entitles the ticket holder to complimentary public transport (inclusive of four MRT/LRT rides and unlimited bus rides on the day of the event).   After the event, you can go to your nearest DBS branch to have the Visa purse activated.  Not bad for S$10-30, right?

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