Sunday, August 06, 2006

CSO Brats at La Grotta

The brats have been friends since May 1996 when CSO organized a series of team-building and planning sessions for incoming presidents of the various accredited organizations in DLSU. Our friendship has remained strong in the face of emigrations, marriages/relationships, deaths and births in the family. We don’t meet that often but whenever we do, we make the most of the limited time we have. Last Friday’s dinner at La Grotta was no exception. There were no welcoming platitudes… each new arrival didn’t have time to warm their seat before they were asked the burning question(s) of the day:

--- Ikakasal na ba kayo?
--- Kayo pa ba?
--- Are you pregnant?

The answers, like the questions, were honest and off-the-cuff. Congratulations were in order, follow-up questions were made, issues discussed and new dates set. Next “meeting”? Sometime September when we will offer a toast to Kaye while feasting on Dondon’s culinary creation. Miles and I will bring the little giant and yummy dessert.


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J-O-H said...

Yup.. that Mr. T. =) We met through Pam Tiu who's a friend from college.

Si Patrick ang aming kuya. =)