Monday, October 02, 2006


My cellphone was stolen on Monday, Oct 2.

2:30pm, October 2. Feeling - Disbelief.
How could this have happened? In SM supermarket pa! Nah... it's just around. Some good samaritan must have brought it to the attention of the baggers. Nope? Well, I'm sure that whoever it was would be able to answer me when I called.

3:03pm, October 2. Feeling - Disbelief mixed with a hefty dose of righteous anger.
Email to the Horca Brothers: "Nadukot yung cellphone ko 30 minutes ago sa SM supermarket, Mkt. Yung kumuha, pinatay na yung phone at hindi na ma-reach. Sana kunin na rin siya ni Lord. Tumawag na ako sa Smart at nagpa-block na ng mga outgoing call. Mamaya ko pa makukuha yung bagong SIM ko kaya please don't text me na muna. @#$%^&*( Joelle "

8:30am, October 3. Feeling - Tense.
Where, oh where is the extra phone? Miles had just used it a few weeks ago. Grrrrr.. why aren't things were they are supposed to be? Note to self: organize thyself this weekend.

12:30pm, October 3. Feeling - Relief.
Aha. Free upgrade to 3G SIM. Cool. The SIM card with the same cellphone number is only available at the Megamall branch? Not a problem. Ronnick (our driver) can get it.

2:30pm, October 3. Feeling - Disbelief.
What do you mean 3G SIMs only work in 3G phones? I need to buy a 3G phone? Are you kidding me? Why wasn't this disclosed to me before I sent someone all the way to icky Megamall?
All I want is to get a replacement SIM with my old number. When can you give that to me? 2 weeks to deliver from the warehouse? Are you serious?
So what's my alternative? Multiple SIM. Hmmm, sounds interesting. Ok, what's the catch? Different number altogether. ARGGHHH!!!!!!

4:00pm, October 3. Feeling: RED HOT ANGER
[gist of conversation with service agent at the Megamall Wireless Center]
P500+ for a SIM card? WHY?
P200+ for the actual SIM. Ok, a bit pricey but I think I can live with that.
P300+ for the change in number?
WHAT! Talk about highway robbery!
*rant on*
*rant off*
Fine. Just have it waived and make sure that you follow through with your promise to let everyone on my contact list know about the change in number.

9:00pm, October 3. Feeling: Frustration
I still can't find the spare phone. Adhering strictly to Murphy's Law, the unit (last used 2 weeks ago) has disappeared in my time of dire need. To top it all off, Miles wasn't being particularly helpful. All I got in response to my whining about the missing phone was the curt "Well do something about it." Humph.

11:00pm, October 3. Feeling: Relief
The ever reliable Horca brothers to the rescue. I now have a lifeline to the outside world c/o Kuyas Edwin and Jun2. The only problem is reconstructing the address book and informing everyone of the change. Oh well, Smart and my trusty Palm will take care of it tomorrow.

8:47pm, October 4. Feeling: Resignation
It's been almost 6 hours and Smart has yet to act on my list. Oh well, what can I expect from a company that has backpedalled on every single commitment given to me over the past 2 days. *sigh* Some things you just have to do on your own.

8:47pm, October 4. Feeling: Relief
The broadcast has started. Finally!

What am I trying to say after that long intro? Well, my cellphone number has changed and I have around 2 years of contacts which need to be reconstructed. Bear with me. I'll be flooding the message boards with email requests for numbers. If you do get one (AND NO SMS alert from SMART), please send me a text message. Do include your name in the body of the message (my temporary phone is a Sony Ericsson which has a fairly erratic way of receiving business cards from non-Sony Ericsson phones).

Sige na, P1 lang yan. =)

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